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IPL Laser

IPL LASER Uses broad-spectrum light, which filters out unwanted harmful wavelengths. It can be used to treat vascular lesions, improve skin texture and color, and reduce pore size.

Photo facial, using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, is a skin brightening and tightening laser facial in which a special bandwidth of light focuses on melanin, collagen, and haemoglobin. The light generates a special type of heat that helps to decrease melanin; thereby, lightening pigmentation. It also shrinks the hair follicle, reducing hair growth. IPL also stimulates collagen resulting in tightening and rejuvenating ageing skin. Another benefit achieved by this light is in shrinking dilated capillaries in the skin thereby reducing redness and improving conditions such as Rosacea.

Pre- and Post- Procedure Instructions

  • Stop all medicated applications one day before and one day after the treatment
  • Bleaching of facial hair 4–5 days before the treatment
  • Use SPF 30 sunscreen lotion daily after the procedure
  • Apply make-up 1–2 hours after the procedure
Post- Procedure Symptoms
  • After the treatment, mild redness of the skin might be observed, but it settles down after a couple of hours.